Instant Account Opening:
As easy as making instant noodles

To make it easier for their customers to open an account, OCBC is launching Instant Account Opening feature for their banking accounts which uses SingPass MyInfo to instantly fill user data which are already goverment-verified. No more forms, no more paperwork, no more going down to an OCBC Branch.


Instant Account Opening is so easy, just a few clicks and you’re done–just like making instant noodles, taking instant photos or brewing instant coffee.

Animated Banners

To promote this new feature on social media and the web, we created a set of animated banners that quickly draws the attention of people who ‘Like things instant’. To sweeten the deal, OCBC is also offering a cash reward for sign-ups.


The banners lead to a landing page where we further explain the cash rewards mechanics, which involves opening an account and performing certain transactions in order to get more chances.

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